Wednesday, September 30, 2009

24 Hours of Booty, Columbia MD, September 26-27, 2009

This past weekend I had the privilege to participate in 24 Hours of Booty. It was an incredible weekend. In fact, I tried to write it for the past two days, but I could not come up with the words. For once I am speechless. I am not sure if I can express how much this weekend meant to me and the outpouring of support that was showed to me. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I am going to try and let these pictures and video speak for me.

I was given the coveted number of 24.

The Rickshaw

The first day was rainy, but fun was had by all.

Owen took the first lap, the survivor lap. It was rainy, but exhilarating. My parents, friends Sara, Eden and Adam came out in the rain to provide support and cheer on us. It meant a lot to me that they were there.

Owen and I starting the first lap

Finishing the first lap

Spencer Lueders, Founder of 24 Hours of Booty taking a turn on the rickshaw

Spencer took over pedaling the rickshaw for the next three laps. Another rider took over for the last lap of the day.

Bootyville Campground

The weather cleared up on Sunday and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Several other riders volunteers to pedal the rickshaw. Many thanks to Ally, Eric and Dan for taking turns and allowing me to go four more laps. We had a flat, but the support crew was great and many thanks to the Race Pace staff for getting us back on the course.

Ally pedaling with support helping us up the hill.

The last part of the lap included a hill that was very tough when pedaling the rickshaw and many volunteers and riders helped us by pushing up the hill.

Dan pedaling me up the hill with help from volunteers

Spencer pedaled me for the ceramonial last lap of the day. In total we did ten laps, this exceeded my goal from last year to ride 20 miles. It was an incredible weekend. So far we raised approximately $850.00 that will go to support those affected by cancer. Thank you to all of you that made donations.

Final Lap with Spencer

Many thanks to all the staff and volunteers that made this a special experience. Most importantly, I need to send out much thanks to Owen who made it possible for me to particpate in Booty. None of this would have been possible if he had not arranged it.

If anyone has any more pictures, expecially from Sunday, please send them to


Kim said...

So glad you had a great time! I loved hanging out with you, and getting to know you better- you made the event so special for me :)

Kris said...

What can I say? To show just what a child of the sixties I am, let me say, "What a totally bitchin' experience that looks to have been!" I had a smile on my face and tears in my eyes, seeing the smile on your face, and all the people that stepped up to pedal that rickshaw! What amazing memories you will have to hold in your mind and heart!