Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting into shape

I have decided that now that I am feeling better that it is time to get into shape. I have two goals. The first one is that I am participating in a 24 hour bike relay. I have joined a team from the Ulman Cancer Fund. The ride is on September 6-7. The bike ride is called the 24 hours of booty.

It started in North Carolina on what is called the Booty loop. The money that I fundraise goes to LiveStrong (Lance Armstrong Foundation) and The Ulman Cancer Fund. Two very worthy causes, my fundraising goal is only $500. Thanks to those that are already supporting me.

I have not gotten on my bike in over a year and it is going to take some effort to get back on the horse so to speak, but I have the entire summer.

My other goal is to run a 5K by next June. I am not a runner and have not run since high school, but I have been trying to walk and I figure if I work hard enough I will be able to do it. I just have to remember baby steps.

On the medical front, I met with the doctor yester day and I am going to have a hysterectomy this summer. The doctors have conferred and they feel I am strong enough and it is the next step in my recovery. I am actually ok with this and think it is a good idea.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to earth…..and to work

The trip home was very eventful. The flight on Saturday night was cancelled due to the thunderstorms and we ended up spending the night in the Newark airport. We were re-booked onto a flight into Dulles Sunday afternoon. So the good news is we got home safe, the bad news is our bags did not make it back with us. After arriving at Dulles we were told our bags were at BWI. My parents drove us up to the Baltimore airport and we discovered that only one of Sara’s suitcases was there and the other had not left Newark yet. Yesterday one on my bags was delivered to my house, but the other one was sent to Sara’s. As of last night we did not know where Sara’s other bag was, but it was delivered to her this morning and mine is in transit to my house as I write this.

The good news about not getting your bags with you right away is you do not have to unpack and there is no laundry to do. But I hope that my other bag is home when I get there, because I am running out of clean underwear.

The trip was incredible and we had so much fun…..but now I am back at work. Yesterday it was rough having to put on real shoes and get up early. Today is hard just being inside and sitting in desk chair. Getting back to the real world is tough….

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rain Delay

Sadly our trip has come to an end or is almost. We are currently sitting in the Continental’s Presidents Club due to a rain delay. Our Flight was supposed to leave at 8:20pm is now scheduled to leave at 10:58pm. At least we are not scheduled to be on the plane that was hit by lightning while landing here in Newark. Let’s hope the storm lets up soon.. It looks pretty bad out there so I am not sure the flight will be taking off at all. The good news is because we are flying First Class we get to wait out the time in a plush environment with free internet.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sunsets and More

Last night we watched a spectacular sunset. We then we went to dinner that had table top grills. It is not unlike a Japanese steak house, but you grill the food yourself. It was very good and a lot of fun. We met a nice couple from Mechanicsburg, PA. I have been surprised how many people we have met from MD and PA.

After dinner we went to the casino and Sara struck the jackpot at the slots and won $200. All in all a very good night. I am still going to bed pretty early. Last night I hit the sack around 10pm. Sara stayed out a little later and took in the night life. I just don’t have enough energy for that.

This morning we went to our last visit to the spa. Like the others it was fantastic. The start out by offering you champagne or wine, then soak you feet in hot water before taking you to the room. Today we had the Aruba Diva massage which included essential oils. Sara and I were in the same room this time and at the end we both just wanted to fall asleep we were so relaxed.

I can’t believe this is our last day in Aruba. It has been a wonderful vacation. I wish I was feeling stronger and did not have any pain, but I have enjoyed the trip immensely. Now it is time for a nap….

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oops - forgot to blog

I realized while I was sitting by the pool that it has been several days since I updated the blog. Time does fly when you are having fun. Here is a recount of the last few days.

Monday: Monday we took it easy and went to the spa in the morning and then went to town in the afternoon. The massage was great and wandering around town buying souvenirs was fun too.

Tuesday: We got up early and staked out a spot on the beach with a thatched umbrella and took it easy. In the afternoon we joined the pool activities and tye-dyed shirts. Tuesday night we went on a sunset sail. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and it was overcast so we did not get to see the sun set, but the sail was great. The wind was strong and I got soaked sitting on the front deck when a huge wave washed up.

Wednesday: We went to the butterfly farm. It was awesome to see all the butterflies, so many pretty colors. I took lots of pictures and posted them. I did not feel real well yesterday and took a nap for a while in the room and had another massage. That helped refresh me and we sat on the beach for the rest of the afternoon. The nightly show was water ballet – it was cool to watch the synchronized swimming. I could never do that.

Thursday: Today we went back into town for some more sightseeing and shopping. We came back and relaxed by the pool. We played bingo and then took a nap in the sun. It was such a wonderful day. Tonight we are going to watch the sunset before we go to dinner.

Time is going by quickly and we only have one more full day before we have to go back home. It really has been a great trip

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tour of the Island

Today turned out to be a great day. I did not feel that well this morning. No, I did not drink too much last night. Today was a much warmer day, although it is nothing compared to what you all are experiencing. After being in the sun for about 2 hours, I sat in the lobby for a while and read. It is covered, but still open to the breeze so it was very nice.

This afternoon we went on a jeep tour. It was pretty cool to see different parts of the island and to hear the history. The best part and worst part of the tour was the natural pool. It was the worst, because the dirt road was full of ruts and was very bumpy. I knew it was going to be bumpy, but it got very rough a couple times and I was taken airborne. The natural pool was spectacular. It is surrounded by rocks and filled with beautiful fish. There are 88 steps that can be a little steep to get down to the pool, but once we were there the whole trip was worth it. The water temp was perfect, the pool calm and the snorkeling was great. Since the snorkeling the other day turned out to be a bust for me, it was very nice to have some good snorkeling.

I was not so sure how I was going to do with the steps on the way up, but I did remarkably well. It felt great to come back to the resort, get a drink and take a shower. Yes, I got the drink first; a girl has got to have her priorities set.

Well we are starving and off to diner. I will download today’s pictures later. Miss you all, but having a great time.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sleepy Sunny Day

I think Sara is a little amazed how much I can sleep. Last night I was exhausted and went to bed early. After sleeping for 10 hours we went to the beach all day. Since we got a lot of sun yesterday we sat under a thatched umbrella. It was nice to sit outside looking at the beach and be in the shade at the same time. I spend the day reading and napping. Such is the life. Our toughest decision today was whether to go to the beach or the pool. If I am not careful, I am going to get spoiled.

We went to the bar today and I found a new favorite drink – It is called a “Brown Lady”, but if a girl asks for it, it is called a “Brown Man”. It is a mudslide with coconut and very refreshing.

Tonight we are dining at one of the special restaurants at an adjoining resort. It is reported to have great food. I have not decided if I am going to be a curly red-head or blonde tonight. Last night I was a red-head, but the night before a blonde. It is fun to be able to have a new “look” everyday.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Day three update

It is our third day in Aruba and I am relaxing and resting a lot, and having lots of fun. Last night we had dinner at one of the nicer restaurants in the resort. The waiter laughed at me when I ordered two desserts, but we are on vacation. When we ordered coffee and Baileys he talked us into a special surprise drink instead. You sure could taste the alcohol. Speaking of alcohol, I was very good today and did not drink until at 2pm. Considering the bars open at 11am, I think that is an accomplishment. We went on the snorkeling happy hour sail this afternoon. The view was breathtaking and the water temp was perfect. The only problem I had was the water was very rough and I am just not strong enough to swim against the current very long, so I only snorkeled for a while and then went and laid on the deck of the catamaran.

We went to the casino the last two nights. Sara is up $13.00, I am down $30.00. Oh well, someone has to lose right?

Tonight we are going over to the sister resort to eat and walk around. I don’t think it will be a late night for either of us. The day on the boat has worn us out, even if I did take two naps today.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


We arrived in Aruba yesterday afternoon and I can say that if the rest of the trip is like the last 24 hours, we will be in heaven. The trip here was uneventful, unless you call first class an event. It was nice, especially being able to recline the seat almost the whole way back. It will be hard to fly in coach again.

We have a nice room overlooking the ocean. Yesterday afternoon we went to the beach…..what a beautiful beach. I will take some pictures and try to post them. The water was refreshing, a little cold at first, but we warmed to it. It is so blue. It feels a little weird to look down and see your feet.

I was a little queasy this morning after breakfast. I think it had more to do with the heavy food than the pink panthers I had yesterday. :)

We booked some excursions for next week and this afternoon we are going to the spa. It is absolutely beautiful here and we are having a great time.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This day can’t go fast enough!

I have one more day before my trip. I am almost all packed and have way too much energy and way to anxious to be at work. The day seems to be dragging on slowly. I got up this morning and got our boarding passes and even made my bed before work. I have never packed this early for a trip and almost never make my bed and certainly not before work unless my mom is coming over.

I went to the doctor this morning and he said that I am glowing with happiness. I went to the travel agent yesterday and picked up all the travel documents and I packed them with my passport in my carry on bag. The only thing I need to do is make a copy of my passport before I leave just in case.

I still can’t believe that someone gave me this trip, it is so exciting. This person(s) is truly wonderful.

I guess I should get back to work. I have to leave for an early lunch to get my first pain block today. Hopefully it will help and I will feel good on the trip.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Countdown: 2 days

The trip is only 2 days away and I think I have everything I need. I received a beach bag of goodies tonight with flip flops, underwater camera, sun block, sunglasses, hat, scarves and more. What a great gift. I continue to be so blessed by my friends. I have all my clothes laid out and brace and I even ironed. I know that is a shock for many of you, but I guess I figure if I am going to do this trip right, I am going to do it all out. Sara and I are so excited, we talked many times over the weekend about the packing, what types of things we will do, etc. I wish we were leaving tomorrow, but two more days of work. I think we can make it through. I will try to post an update on Tuesday before I leave, but if I do not get a chance, thanks to you that are making this trip happen. I am taking my laptop with me and will try to update the blog often and download pictures.