Monday, September 8, 2008

War on Cancer Videos

Well it is 4am again and I can't sleep. I did have a deep sleep from 12-3:30, it is just not enough. Today (yesterday really) was a good day. I woke up to the beautiful weather and went to church and there was a little fair going on. It was great to see everyone even though I shared my news to a couple of people all in all the time spent talking to people was joyous.

I went for a bike ride yesterday afternoon with a new friend and co-worker. It was not much of a ride. I need a break twice and all we did was a short loop around a shopping center. It felt so good to feel the wind blow across my face and know that it was my own legs that was projecting me through. There was a couple time where my legs burned and my chest burned, which is just pathetic considering the lack of distance we rode. But the factor of the matter is that I got on my bike and rode. I had been psyching up to ride the Booty ride this weekend and even though it was cancelled due to rain I decided come hell or high water I was going to ride and that is what I did.

After the brief ride, we got smoothies and talked. It felt good to talk about everything that was going on and to get a fresh perspective on things.

Now on to the most important part of the post. Thursday morning I walked into the office and there was a new little flip video camera on my desk and an email requesting that I make a 1 minute video about the way on cancer to support the upcoming cancer bill. It just so happened that night I was going to a stupid cancer happy hour in DC so I took the camera and and asked other fighters and survivors what they thought about cancer.

Friday morning I took the camera back to work, plugged it into the computer and we had great clips. With assistance of Brian (new co-worker) we edited the video and mixed a movie. We great not just one video, but two. What a fund way to spend your Friday morning. I love this job. It was great to focus on something more important then what was going on in my life.
So here is my debut of write, director, cameraman and co-producer of the War on Cancer for the Ulman Cancer Fund. Please check them out.

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