Monday, September 22, 2008

Stir Crazy

One week after surgery and I am resting at home. Mom and dad took good care of me last week, but it is nice to be at home in my own bed. Surgery went well. The doctor found quite a bit of scar tissue from a previous surgery that has been causing pain. Hopefully now that it has been removed and the tumors are gone the pain will subside. It is amazing to me that everything was removed through four little incisions. Even though I do not have a big incision, I am still pretty sore. It is hard to move around, but I am hanging in. I seem to nap every couple of hours, but am not taking as much of the pain medication.

Originally I was planning to only be out of work for two weeks, but my discharge papers said four weeks. Not sure what I am supposed to do for three more weeks. I am already stir crazy sitting on the couch not doing anything.


Anonymous said...

Are you ready for visitors? Have you been going out for walks? It is so nice outside the past few days. Enjoy the quiet won't last long.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign the last post. Sorry about that. Hope you are feeling better.

Shelly B
aka Anonymous at 10:41am