Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just another day on the roller coaster!

I went to the doctor yesterday to find out why I am still having so much nausea and vomiting. She thinks it could be one of three things: Irritable Bowel, Gall Bladder attack or my Liver. She took some blood, a urine sample and scheduled me for a pelvic/abdominal CT scan. So today I get to drink three huge bottles of barium. Joy! Joy! As if my life is not exciting enough this morning I will be chugging what is essentially liquid chalk. The people in my office are great and they will be cheering me on with a “Chug, Chug” as I down the vile concoction.

This is just another ride on the roller coaster of medical crap. If there is a problem I might not be able to have surgery on Monday. Can’t they just go in and take out everything I don’t need….gall bladder, spleen, appendix anything that can get inflamed and is not essential to my daily life. For that matter, they should take out half my liver, one of my kidneys and go ahead take out the pancreas while they are at it. I feel like every time I see a glimmer of sunlight through the clouds the storm comes my way. UGH Just picture me as that cartoon with the storm hover over my head while the weather is perfect elsewhere. How much more am I supposed to handle? I mean – I am just as game as another to endure some hardship, but I think I am at my quota for at least this year.

The irony of today is they order the CT scan for nausea and vomiting and they give me something to drink that is sure to make me puke. What the *&^%.

She asked if I have been under any undue stress. What kind of question is that? Stress – me – no. It has been a walk in the park these past couple of weeks, getting my head around surgery and hearing the latest test results. I normally find my doctor to be bright and understanding and maybe she just had a moment of stupidity – but come on. If you looked in Wikipedia right now under stress my picture would be there.

On top of today’s adventure I am really looking forward to Sunday. I have to do bowel prep for the surgery which means a day of liquid diet, some more disgusting liquid to pour down my throat and some major time in the bathroom.

On a lighter note – my chemo ridden brain was finally able to remember that the cleaning lady comes today and I remembered to pick up the house and clean out the sink. Usually I forget and she probably rolls her eyes when she sees all the clutter on the tables and floors. One month when I had just returned from Aruba I had sorted all my laundry on the living room floor. Heaven knows what she thought when she had to pick up my underwear and put it on the couch so she could vacuum. She is a saint. She will probably faint of shock when she sees the place.

Normally I love amusement rides especially roller coasters but this one is going through the haunted house.

PS - It could be worse. I could be sitting hours of design meetings at T. Rowe.

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