Monday, September 29, 2008

Joy Joy it is Monday.

I went to the surgeon on Thursday and the incision was indeed infected. He put me on antibiotics, told me to use warm compresses and come back if it opened up and started to ooze. Well the warm compresses helped to reduce the redness and soreness around the incision, but it also caused it to open up and of course all this yucky puss came out. I called the doctor’s office on Friday morning and they told me to come in right away. He opened up the incision to clean it out and packed it with gauze. I have to change the gauze two to three times a day. Let me tell you this has not been fun. While the infection is getting better, the incision is raw and irritated and the gauze adheres to the flesh so every time I have to change it is starts to bleed and of course it hurts. I go back to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. I am not quite sure what he is going to do, I don’t think he will stitch it back up, so maybe I will just have a gaping wound that will eventually heal from the inside out and scar over.

The good news is the doctor said I could go back to work. I went in Thursday afternoon for a couple of hours and tired myself out. Thursday night I had chills and a fever due to the infection and Friday I felt like crap so I was only at work for all of 30 minutes before the doctor told me to come back in. I am working today for a couple of hours, but do plan a nap for the afternoon.

This weekend I took it easy lounging around like a slug and watched movies. The doc put me on estrogen and the hot flashes are slowly decreasing in frequency. Don’t get me wrong, I still wake up in the middle of the night sweating like a pig. Thursday night was the worst. I had chills from the fever and could not get warm one minute and was throwing off my covers the next with a hot flash. Menopause is not fun. I feel bad for making fun of my mom for all these years. I am too young to be experiencing this. This is definitely something I am happy putting off for several years or better yet not experiencing at all.

The nausea continues and is very frustrating. I am not eating a lot and have vomited for the last three days. I have not had much in my system but medicine so it is mostly dry heaves with some bile mixed in for effect. I could not get in with the specialist until October 17th so it looks like I will have three more weeks of nausea.

I will write an update tomorrow after visiting the surgeon and the oncologist.

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