Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hump Day

Medical Update
I went to my pre-op appointment this morning for my hysterectomy later this month. I am not sure why, but I am getting very nervous about the surgery. I know the surgery is the right thing to do and it will be a relief to get the tumors out of my body and I should be able to get some much needed pain relief. It is scheduled for September 29th. It is being done laparoscopically and is outpatient if you can believe it. I was a little worried about being sent home after surgery, but the doctor said that if I am nauseous (when am I not) or in a lot of pain they will keep me for the night.

Yesterday I had a CT scan to check on the status of the tumors. I could not get any information out of the radiologist except that there are still tumors in my lung, kidney and liver, ovaries and uterus. I feel like my body is riddled with cancer. It is not great news, but the real test will be tomorrow when I go to the oncologist to find out if they have changed size. I have been very worried about this for some reason, so please send prayers and good thoughts my way.

Love the Job!!!
Work is great. I love it here. It is a little slow right now, but I know that will change and I will be very busy. I have no doubts that it was the right thing to switch jobs. Everyone here is so nice and I have already met some great contacts and have learned about a lot of resources in just a week.

Booty Ride
This weekend is the 24 hours of Booty bike ride. Right now we are watching the weather forecast since hurricane Hanna is heading in our direction. I am hoping that the forecast is wrong or she will shift courses and we will have wonderful weather. I have not been able to get as much time on the bike preparing for the ride as I would like due to chemo. I did go for a ride the other day, but I am having so technically difficulties so I had to cut it short. Today I am going to take in the bike and get a tune up.

If it does not rain on Saturday and you have some extra time; please come out to the Gateway business park to cheer me on. My goal is 10 laps, the loop is 2.6 miles. Based on my short ride on Sunday, I may only be able to do one lap at a time, but I do have 24 hours to do it. for more information check out

Screw Cancer

The Ulman Cancer Fund is having a fundraiser next month. It is called Screw Cancer and it is going to be a great night to toast life. The event is October 26th at Trapeze Restaurant in Fulton MD. Tickets are $75. I hope that you can join me and celebrate my health. I really thought that cancer was going to win the war last spring, but now I am kicking its butt and I believe I will continue to come out on top. For more information and buy tickets go to:

New Blog
The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults has a new blog and this week I wrote the posting. Check it out -

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