Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hot Flashes – Yeesh

It has been a little over a week since surgery. I am feeling pretty good - still a little sore, but I am off the narcotics. One of my incisions looks funny – it is red and feels hot – I am pretty sure it is infected. I called the doctor’s office today and I am going in to see him tomorrow. I think the pain that I am still having is coming from the incision. Hopefully he will put me on antibiotics and then everything will be fine. I am hoping to talk the doctor in to letting me go back to work next week. I can not imagine sitting around for 2 more weeks before given the clear to go back to work.

The one side effect that I am having that I did not expect is hot flashes. I knew they would come, but not so soon. One minute I am cold and the next I am sweating. There seems to be no happy medium. I am too young to be going through menopause. I read on the internet that surgical menopause starts right after surgery and is often worse than regular menopause. The doctor mentioned to my mom that they can start me on hormones. Since I am going back to the doctor early – lets hope that I can start the hormones early too.

I feel bad after making fun of my mom and her hot flashes for years. This is no laughing matter. My co-workers came to visit me today and I had to keep fanning myself with a magazine during the visit. I begged them to send me some work – I am so bored. At least last week I was doped up and slept all the time to be bored. The visit was fun – they had me laughing so hard I had to hold my side it hurt to laugh.

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