Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Latest Happenings

Sorry I have not updated the blog recently, I decided I was officially off work last week and chose to spend little time on the computer.

Last week was great. I was technically unemployed. I mainly chilled out and relaxed, but was able to get some things done around the house. I got everything checked off my list except for washing the windows. Gee I wonder why I procrastinated on that one!

On Friday I had my last chemo. They changed my anti-nausea drug this week and it made a huge difference. It doesn’t seem fair that just when the chemo is ending we figured how to manage one of the big side effects. The good news is I was queasy, but never actually got sick. This made for a much nicer weekend.

On Sunday I had trouble sleeping and woke up at 3am. Since I could not get back to sleep I decided to get up and go help out at the Iron Girl Triathlon at Centennial Park. It was amazing to see all the women athletes. I got to talk to many of the women that competed with Team Fight for the Ulman Fund and I am more inspired then ever to run a 5K next spring

Yesterday was my first day at the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. I really enjoyed being in the office with everyone. I am lucky to already know most of my co-workers. I am slowly digging out the piles of resources and brochures that awaited me in my cubicle. I have learned so much already just by reviewing the resources as I was filing.

I am still a bit nervous about the job and all that I have to learn, but I am very excited about it.

Well, lunchtime is over – back to work.

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Shell B said...

Glad that things are getting settled at your new job. I miss you here at your old job. Keep in touch. Congrats on making the move to make yourself happy.