Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally we have rain.

It was such a glorious sound through the window last night when the rain started. I could almost hear my garden rejoice for joy. It is not fun to drive or walk in, but it is so needed.

I am enjoying my new commute; it is only 5-7 minutes. I am so close I can go home for lunch or run errands if I choose. I do miss being downtown a little, but a lay in bed this morning and listened to the traffic report I was so happy I did not have to drive into the city.

Work is good. I am easily adjusting to the 9-5 hours, love sleeping in an extra hour. I am trying very hard to eat healthy. A friend came over last night and brought me dinner. We ate our salads and enjoyed each other’s company while catching up. I am back on the meals ministry. I am still so tired from chemo and I am trying to build up my strength for the surgery. The meals are much appreciated to ensure that I am eating well and have lots of energy.

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