Thursday, July 3, 2008

Missing in action

Sorry it has been so long since I updated the blog. Not much going on. The pain level has increased and the new medication is making me exhausted and hungry all the time. I am trying so hard to lose weight so having cravings all the time is not helping. I am working on my walking – hope to start running in two weeks, at least for a little bit. I need to get my bike serviced so I can start preparing for the Booty ride.

Have not heard anything about the date for surgery yet; I am a little anxious about that. I want to get a date so I can plan for it. I also want to be recovered in time for the Booty ride.

When I talked to the doctor last week about the surgery, I forgot to ask about the recover and whether it is outpatient. I go to the doc today for another pain/nerve block and will ask then. Hopefully I can also get a date for the surgery. That is it for now – nothing very exciting.

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joan said...

hey, Allison-

sorry i haven't been in touch...i know how nuts it can be to not know about the recovery time for surgery...for what it's worth, i think you're making good decisions....about the surgery, the booty prep...all of it...don't worry about the appetite ! you might even START with a bite or 2 of dessert (just to feel good), and then eat healthier foods to fill up !! after all, part of the 'experience' we just 'gifted' you was to 'live' in the moment more...right? we have to go meet with our builder this weekend, so we'll miss the big 4th festivities up here, but we'll touch base with you when we get back.