Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The last year has been a hard one for me and it not quite over, but I received my miracle. I am doing great and I have already lived longer than my prognosis. I will probably always live with cancer inside of my, but I have learned to accept it and trying to accept the limitations, but I have also found some joys. I will be having surgery in September and will have one more round of chemo. There is finally an end in sight. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out the real me and who I want to be. I have done a lot of soul searching and have found a lot of inner strength. As this part of my journey ends, I am ready for another one.

After much consideration, I have accepted a job at the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults as the Intake and Resource Coordinator. I will be fielding calls and emails from cancer patients, survivors and family members; providing them with information, resources and lending an ear. I am very excited about this position. It is a new journey in my life and one that I feel follows my heart and God’s plan for me. It is a risk leaving T. Rowe Price and its security, but sometimes you have to take a risk.

A friend gave me these quotes today:

Follow your heart down the 'journey of life'.
Your mission in life is not to be without problems - your mission is to get excited about something(s).
"Always do more than you are paid for, and one day you will be paid for more than you do.
"You don't work for your boss - you work for YOURSELF!
Your life will only work when you take full responsibility for your CHOICES.
And your CHOICE of VOCATION is top of the list.

"Work is love made visible."- Kahlil Gibran.

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