Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oops - forgot to blog

I realized while I was sitting by the pool that it has been several days since I updated the blog. Time does fly when you are having fun. Here is a recount of the last few days.

Monday: Monday we took it easy and went to the spa in the morning and then went to town in the afternoon. The massage was great and wandering around town buying souvenirs was fun too.

Tuesday: We got up early and staked out a spot on the beach with a thatched umbrella and took it easy. In the afternoon we joined the pool activities and tye-dyed shirts. Tuesday night we went on a sunset sail. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and it was overcast so we did not get to see the sun set, but the sail was great. The wind was strong and I got soaked sitting on the front deck when a huge wave washed up.

Wednesday: We went to the butterfly farm. It was awesome to see all the butterflies, so many pretty colors. I took lots of pictures and posted them. I did not feel real well yesterday and took a nap for a while in the room and had another massage. That helped refresh me and we sat on the beach for the rest of the afternoon. The nightly show was water ballet – it was cool to watch the synchronized swimming. I could never do that.

Thursday: Today we went back into town for some more sightseeing and shopping. We came back and relaxed by the pool. We played bingo and then took a nap in the sun. It was such a wonderful day. Tonight we are going to watch the sunset before we go to dinner.

Time is going by quickly and we only have one more full day before we have to go back home. It really has been a great trip

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