Sunday, June 1, 2008

Countdown: 2 days

The trip is only 2 days away and I think I have everything I need. I received a beach bag of goodies tonight with flip flops, underwater camera, sun block, sunglasses, hat, scarves and more. What a great gift. I continue to be so blessed by my friends. I have all my clothes laid out and brace and I even ironed. I know that is a shock for many of you, but I guess I figure if I am going to do this trip right, I am going to do it all out. Sara and I are so excited, we talked many times over the weekend about the packing, what types of things we will do, etc. I wish we were leaving tomorrow, but two more days of work. I think we can make it through. I will try to post an update on Tuesday before I leave, but if I do not get a chance, thanks to you that are making this trip happen. I am taking my laptop with me and will try to update the blog often and download pictures.

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