Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to earth…..and to work

The trip home was very eventful. The flight on Saturday night was cancelled due to the thunderstorms and we ended up spending the night in the Newark airport. We were re-booked onto a flight into Dulles Sunday afternoon. So the good news is we got home safe, the bad news is our bags did not make it back with us. After arriving at Dulles we were told our bags were at BWI. My parents drove us up to the Baltimore airport and we discovered that only one of Sara’s suitcases was there and the other had not left Newark yet. Yesterday one on my bags was delivered to my house, but the other one was sent to Sara’s. As of last night we did not know where Sara’s other bag was, but it was delivered to her this morning and mine is in transit to my house as I write this.

The good news about not getting your bags with you right away is you do not have to unpack and there is no laundry to do. But I hope that my other bag is home when I get there, because I am running out of clean underwear.

The trip was incredible and we had so much fun…..but now I am back at work. Yesterday it was rough having to put on real shoes and get up early. Today is hard just being inside and sitting in desk chair. Getting back to the real world is tough….

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