Monday, May 5, 2008

Crazy Weekend.

This was a crazy weekend. Saturday I left my house at 7:30am and did not get home for the day until 10:00pm.

It started out patronizing my mom’s garden club plant sale in Ellicott City. Here is a run down of my schedule for Saturday.

6:30 Got out of bed (couldn’t sleep any more)
7:30 Left house
8:00 Garden Cub Plant Sale
9:00 Helped set up for St John’s plant sale
10:15 Back to Garden Club plant sale to deliver Mom some plants from the St John plant sale.
10:30 Visited a friend, another visit to Plant Sale and went to store
12:30 Drove to Baltimore City to visit another friend to see his new house
2:30 Drove home
3:00 Plant flowers in the back yard
4:30 Went back to the Beekman’s to see the prom gathering and helped serve dinner
10:00 Finally got back home
11:00 Went to Sleep

Sunday was more laid back. I was exhausted and paid for my active day on Saturday. I took a nap in my hammock after church and got my first sunburn on my head. I was a little chilly in the shade so I turned around and had my upper body in the sun. I was wearing a knitted hat that I made. The stitch is very loose. I love the hat because it provides cover to the head but has lots of air holes. Well, I found out that those air holes also allow sun in. I have a nice checkerboard design on one side of my forehead and head of really pale skin and sunburn. It is definitely a sight to see. After my nap I spend some time in the garden. Even though I wore a hat, my face got some sun and I have a very red nose this morning.

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