Monday, March 24, 2008

One of the Plagued

I am starting to feel like one of the unclean and will not be able to get well again. I have had this bronchitis thing now for over a month and I am sick of it. I did have a great couple of days over my birthday, but it seems like a heft price to pay feeling like I am coughing up a lung all the time.

I am in this nasty cycle of compromised immune system, getting sick, not being able to breathe, taking steroids to be able to breathe, side effects to the steroids and the steroids causing my immune system to be vulnerable and getting sick again.

I have been on oral and inhaled steroids off and on for three weeks. I now have a raging Oral Thrush infection. Mostly babies get thrush, but leave it to me to get something rare for adults. I am having trouble sleeping, because I cough so much and the steroids are making me antsy, but the doctor says that sleep is the best thing for me right now. It is so frustrating.

OK – enough bitching for today.

I can say that going to the Sheryl Crow concert last week was more helpful to me in many ways that just my morale. I was able to meet several wonderful people that I have inspired me greatly. Through them I have found all these new resources, which have energized me even more to get over this cold so I can go back on chemo. Imagine anyone praying to get healthy so they can get poison pumped into their body. Cancer makes you do and want some pretty crazy things.

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