Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life is a roller coaster. One minute you are up and the next you are hitting the ground.

This morning I work up like normal, I have been a little tired yesterday and today, but I figured it was because I had such a big weekend.

My department took me out for a birthday lunch and about half-way through I started feeling really tired and was having some chills and was coughing some. We had a short meeting afterwards and good not get comfortable. Since I am still working part-time, I was able to leave a little after 2pm. When I got in my car I was so tired I could have put my head down and go to sleep. I was still freezing on the way home, but the warmth was making me tired and I started to nod off, so I had to put on some cold air.

When I got home I changed into my jammies while shivering when the air hit me. I preheated the bed with the heated mattress pad. My coughing was getting worse and I started to bring stuff up, but it also makes me nauseous. I crawled into bed and slept for 2 hours. I kept waking up with chills and had to adjust the heater. I took my temp at 5pm and it was 100.4. I called the doctor, made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon and was told if the breathing gets worse or the fever goes above 102 that I need to go to the ER. Of course I was overjoyed to hear that since I love that place.

My temp is now 101.7 and my peak flow is between 120 & 155. Every time I cough I try to bring stuff up and sometime I succeed with mucus, but almost always bring up anything I have had by mouth. Thank god for the barf bags my friends stag on airplanes for me.

Let me just tell you how much this sucks. I had such a great weekend and now I am feeling so poorly. I am going to try and get some sleep, but will check in later. Peace.


My breathing got much worse last night and after a call to the doctor at 9pm, I went to the ER. They were afraid it was pneumonia, but luckily they think it was just the flu. My chest e-ray looked good (or at least as well as it can). They gave me 3 breathing treatments, steroids and a couple prescriptions and sent me home around 2am. My fever broke last night and I am not coughing as much. I am feeling much better. Don't get me wrong, I still feel like crap, but last night I felt like death warmed over. I am resting at home today and going back to the doctor this afternoon. I guess this is what I get for partying all weekend; maybe someone brought some germs to the party on Saturday in addition to birthday wishes. Oh well, I would not change anything for the weekend I had. I can not live in a bubble. OK- Now I am exhausted again - back to sleep.

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