Saturday, March 15, 2008

Breath in....Breath out...Relax

It has been almost a week since I have been wide awake at 2:30am. I just woke up with a coughing/wheezing/asthma attack and needed to take some meds and monitor my breathing for a little bit.

I hate the sensation of waking up in the middle of an asthma attack. I am sound asleep and some where in my consciousness I realize I am coughing and gasping for air. For those of you who have even been around me when I wake up of first thing in the morning, I am very groggy at first and can be indignant second.

So when I woke up to night I am trying hard to breath between the coughing fists at the same time just trying to grasp on whether this is real or am I still dreaming.

Then comes the dosing of the inhaler and tonight a doze of the vile cough syrup and now I am to relax to see what happens with the breathing to determine next steps.

I have this special teddy bear, which is filled with herbs, lavender, buck shells, seeds etc. It is called a toasty teddy because he going in the microwave to heat up. I heated him up and he is resting on my shoulder. The warmth and the aroma is very calming. I love to take naps with him when I have a cold or allergies. I did of course have to get past the concept of putting a teddy bear in the microwave. I place him in a pillowcase, just in case there are any food spills or smells.

Asthma attacks in the middle of the night are hard and for some reason for me very common. This is probably one of the only times I regret living alone. These attacks are scary and you really want someone with you. They can also monitor how the breathing is going a bit better than I can. And the scariest benefit is that person can help determine if the breathing is not getting better in the allotted time and I need to go to the hospital. I have a moment a couple of weeks ago when I was still in the throws of the bronchitis that I really thought I would need to go to the hospital and most likely would drive myself. Luckily the meds worked and all was well.

The meds are working tonight as well and I very tired to I am going to sign off and try to get more sleep.

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