Thursday, January 31, 2008

5 hours !!!

I slept 5 hours last night!!!! It may not seem like much, but it is the most continuous sleep that I have had in 4 days. I thank all of you who sent up prays for sleep. I am still very tired today, but functioning better today and will try to reduce the caffeine intake. I have acupuncture tonight and that should help the back pain. Due to all the adjustment of medications, I am off all pain meds (including alcohol) and believe me it is making life difficult. I think acupuncture will help with the pain and sleep.

I still have the hole in the ceiling, but the laptop cord has been replaced. Medical co-pays are piling up and January went by in a blink of an eye. The hot water heater is going up, but they do not make my size anymore and the wonderful architect that designed my place put in under the kitchen counter. Good thing I am saving shower time by not washing and conditioning my long hair. Anyone want to raise the counter top by 3 inches and move out the cabinets by 4 inches? I continue to be amazed by the forces of negativity that seem to be attracted to me. And to top it all off; I got in the elevator with someone who made that comment that I look like I have gainedg weight. When is that ever an appropriate question for a woman in their mid thirties that did not just come off a hunger strike? Even then it is pushing it. That is like a man answering the question "Honey, Does my butt look fat in this?"

Back to work - have a deadline. Good news is I did not need scuba gear today to keep breathing through the piles of work, only a snorkel.

Guess that sleep brought back that sense of humor - or am I just slap happy.

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