Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey Coma or Just Loafing Around

I don't know about you, but long weekends always screw up my schedule. I wake up in the morning and have no idea what day it is. Yesterday I thought it was Sunday and today I did not have the slightest idea, I was just happy I got to sleep late again. Between radiation and chemotherapy it has been months since I have slept late and I have slept past 9 two days in a row. To top that off, I have spent the long weekend on my couch alternating between watching movies and sleep. Part of this has been being indulgent, but mostly this has been having no energy and I can't seem to stay awake. The treatments have been taking a lot out of me and have lowered my blood cell count. My chemo two weeks ago was canceled and then canceled again this past Friday since I am still recovering from the cyst removal surgery.

I start a new cycle of radiation tomorrow for 9 sessions 3 days a week at 7:30 am which will take me to Dec 15th. We have been doing a very aggressive chemo regimen. Since it is taking such a toll on me, the Doctors and I have agreed to cut back. We are changing the schedule to two days a week, but the combinations are much different and I will be getting only one drug at a time and some will be two weeks apart. My last chemo for 2007 will be on 12/21 so I should be feeling good for the holidays. I only have 8 more treatments to go for 2007. The new schedule should lessen the side effects and hopefully I will not be as sick after each treatment.

The cyst removal on Wednesday went well. I was not prepared for the amount of pain I was going to be in. Because of the location it is hard to move my head from side to side too far or to lean my head back. I spent most of Thanksgiving drugged up, but that is one way to get through a family event. When I left the hospital they told me to watch for bleeding and the nurse laughed when she said that may be the only way I might know it is bleeding is for me to feeling the blood running down my neck. Well, I was standing in CVS waiting for my prescription and all of a sudden I could feel something running down my neck. It is healing, but I seem to have an aching head most the time, but at least the bleeding has stopped.

Oh well, the weekend is almost over and the loafing around must end. I am trying to get laundry done to get back in the swing of things to go back to work and get back the courage to go back to treatment. The two week break has been very nice, even if was me not feeling well that brought it on.

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