Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh joy, rapture! I've got a brain!

Last week on 10/10, I had a liver biopsy. Yesterday I had a Brain CT Scan and PET Scans. I went to the doctor this afternoon and got results back from all the tests.

The good news

The CT scan showed that I do indeed have a brain. Whether or not I choose to use it is a whole other story. That is about all the good news I received today... So I have determined I am not the scarecrow from the Wizard of OZ. I also guess since I have courage, and a heart I am not the cowardly lion and Tin Man. Maybe I represent Toto or one of the dwarves.

OK the Bad News

The cancer has indeed spread to my liver. The spots that showed up on my ultrasound a couple of weeks ago are indeed cancer. They also found a couple nodes in my lungs. I guess there is other good news that there is no sign that it has spread to my brain.

The Plan

I will be continuing with the radiation for the next 5 weeks or so until the end of the planned 11 weeks. They are changing the areas of focus a little. We may pick up some after the New Year. I have an appointment with the Chemo doctor on Thursday. We are going to mix up my chemo regimen a little. I am also going to meet with a pain management specialist on Thursday.

Annoying Misc Medical Stuff

The sore on my head has come back. I have an appointment with my general surgeon on Thursday afternoon. Last time I saw him it was pretty much healed and we decided that if came, it would need to be removed. I went to The Well (Healing Art Center) and had a treatment with healing and medicinal oils hoping this treatment with help and maybe we can avoid the need to have it cut out, but I might be Dr. Falcao’s pumpkin for carving this fall.

Upcoming Appointments

Thursday afternoon I have an appointment to see the surgeon about my head. I am getting another herbal treatment with acupuncture treatment before hand, so I am hoping they will not need to cut anything out or this do, it will be less.

Thursday will be a day of doctor appointments starting with a healing acupuncture treatment, chemotherapy doctor, pain management doctor and then general surgeon to evaluate the abscess on my head.

My Thoughts I knew in my heart that the liver biopsy was going to come up malignant, but it was still a big blow. I have not been able to absorb it all. I am angry, frustrated, tearful, scared, did I mentioned angry. I hate the word survivor and victim. I think calling myself a survivor is like tempting faith. Having Cancer is a never-ending war with lots of battles, each battle takes a winner and a loser, statistics might be like: cancer 2, patient 5..who knows how the whole war will end. Instead of victim - I prefer to think of recipient of gift. Victim has a lose mentality. Granted the gift of cancer is not what you want and certainly one you can live without (no pun intended), but thinking about all the gifts we get at Christmas, birthdays or other times in our lives that people give us something they think we may like it, but in reality it is awful and our first thought is why me or how can we get rid of it right away. Gifts are not always what we want, wars and battles are not fun, but we learn a lot from them.

This past weekend was a lot of fun. I am in favor of non treatment weekends. I enjoyed time with friends, found the wig/costume area in the Halloween section at JoAnne’s crafts on Saturday. We found some wonderful wigs, (each around $5) including an awesome long red curly with braids that I wore to church on Sunday and the renaissance festival. While at the Ren Fest I also got a tattoo. I probably won’t be wearing most the wigs to work, but I promise I will when going out and who knows what color I will debut at church next week.

Stay turned for more updates.

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