Monday, October 22, 2007

My Amazing Angels

Something amazing happened after I got home from the hospital in July. On a Sunday afternoon several ladies and a few youth from St. John’s church showed up at my door step and cleaned my house. They brought me good food, good cheer, lots of laughter, flowers, and the smell of Mr. Clean. Another St. John’s parishioner brought me the alter flowers from the services that day. I could not believe how much cleaning the six of them could get done. Several years ago I went to a craft fair and I found this wooden angel that is wearing a bandana, holding a mop and bucket that was labeled “Housekeeping Angel”. Many times I have prayed that the housekeeping Angel would come and visit me and leave in its wake a clean house, but to that date it have never happened.

I like to call the people who help out every week, even every day my Angels. I could not get through this without them. I have Angels that do tangibles things like bring meals, go to the store, bring flowers, buy hats and scarves, help me clean and organize, take out the trash, hang pictures, replace blinds, give hugs, etc. There are also the Angels that do the intangibles things that can not be counted like listening to me venting, reminding me to eat, sitting with me, laughing with me, crying with me, taking me to lunch, telling me jokes, answering the phone at 1am when I can’t sleep and so many things I can not think of. The most important one is praying for me. This is probably the one that will make the biggest different and the one I struggle with the most.

This weekend was a tough one, I was very sick on Friday night and all through Saturday. I could not keep down food and on Sunday I was very tired. The thing that made the difference was the people. One friend went shopping for clothes. I HATE clothes shopping!! She loves it. I gave her a list of things I need and off she went. Another friend also went shopping and got me a new area rug for my living room and then yesterday got the pad to go underneath and they laid it down. It looks great by the way. I should mention that the friend with the rug was having people at her house Saturday night at 7 and was at my house until 6 helping me out. Another friend checks on me every day and is always there whenever I need it. I can never say thank you enough or say how much you help or what it means to me. You are truly my Amazing Angels. Thank you being a part of my life. I hope all of you that reading this have Angels in your life.

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