Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Magnet of negative forces

I was talking to a friend the other day about the problems I was having with Amazon and the Bank to the tune of $407 of charges. He told me that I have the worse luck of anyone he knows. I said that it can make me a really good friend to have around because I absorb all the negative forces and leave all good luck, but he said that all the bad energy might leak out and stick on him. I am too afraid of saying what else can happen, but don’t I deserve some good luck? I have been watching bits and pieces of “Just my Luck” on HBO with Lindsey Lohan and I have decided I need to find the “right” guy to kiss and maybe my luck will turn around.

If you want some good luck and you need someone to absorb some bad energy I am happy to come around, but if you know of a guy that has been having some extraordinary good luck and is a good kisser, let me know so I can come over and I can lay one on him

Sorry I have not written anything in a couple of days. The weekend was pretty rough. It had is good moments though. My angels showed up to have my carpets and couch cleaned, replaced two more window blinds and to clean out the storage room. I now have a very organized storage room – next we tackle the office and we will be done. I keep saying that if I can organize my life and clean everything with 409 I can get rid of my Cancer. Have you seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? Windex can cure everything. I guess this is the day for movie references.

I don’t really have any new medical news to write about other than I go to the general surgeon on Thursday (11/1) about the abscess/cyst on the back of my head. Now that it has healed over, the surgeon wants to take a look at it to see if he can tell how deep it is. He needs to determine if he can remove it with local anesthesia or if I need to be under put under general. It seems so silly to focus on such a small thing considering everything else that is going on in my body, but the doctors have said that it is very easy for an infected abscess to turn into something big for a cancer patient especially when it is a drug-resistant staph infection.

I think I am going to have to turn on the heat on. It was really cold this morning and I did not want to leave the warmth of the bed. The flannel sheets and down comforter was very warm and comfy when the alarm went off at 5am and the temp of the bed room was only 56 degrees. It was very hard to get up and go to radiation.

Today is a tough day all around. The pain level is pretty high today and the new radiation is kicking my butt. I am tired all the time and instead of just being nauseous every morning I am actually vomiting 2-4 times. I was stuck in traffic this morning going out to the Owings Mills office and I had to make use of the Barf Bags that my friends bring me back from plane trips. Not the best way to start off your day. Last night I let my friend borrow my Subaru to move a couple things out of his apartment to storage and his bought me a nice dinner in return. I now know why I never go out to eat. I actually had an appetite and ate almost all of my salmon, mashed potatoes and asparagus. It was very good and I did enjoy it, but it did not stick around very long. I guess I got some nutrition out of it, but it seems a waste of money. The chemo effects are more intense with the new regimen then it used to be and I have been spending Friday nights in the bathroom. I think that this weekend I will just put the sleeping pad and sleeping bag in the bathroom. I might not get any sleep, but I should at least make myself comfortable. I do sleep pretty well on Saturday nights and was able to sleep until 10:00am on Sunday.

Well I guess that that is enough complaining for the day. I will try to be better with the updates, even if it is just to let you all know how I am feeling and there is nothing new.


Emptyman said...

Excellent luck.
Excellent kisser.
Didn't help you a bit.

Betsy said...

We've been thinking about you every day, of course. Wish there was something we could to do help or make you smile. I've been planning the GRREAT Howliday party details. It's not the same for me without you. We love you. Wet kisses from Peyton.