Friday, October 19, 2007

Day of Doctors

Yesterday I had 5 appointments. Six if you count radiation. It was a crazy day, but the day ended very nicely with some wonderful ladies that came over. We ate good food drank wine, laughed and enjoyed life. Something we should all take more time to do.

Anyway I will tell you about my past two days, but I am not going to share all the details of the fun evening, but I am smiling just thinking of it. If you ask nicely I might tell you about the blue wig I wore.

Thursday morning started with radiation at 6am then I came home for a leisurely cup of tea. I went to Acupuncture which was I have to say was really nice. They did a combination of acupuncture, aromatherapy and healing oils. My office got together and gave me a gift certificate for The Well. I was so overwhelmed from the generosity of my co-workers when I opened the card. The acupuncture has been great. I left there feeling very relaxed and headed back downtown. I had an appointment with my nurse case manager. She basically coordinates with all my doctors. I switched to a HMO last year with was a good idea in retrospect because they pay for everything, but only my primary doctor can give me referrals, so it can be a bit of a pain in the ass.

I had lunch with a really good friend and then I headed back to Hopkins for the heavy appointments of the day. The first was with doc for the Radiation. I call him the Blaster Doc. He does not like it very much. Oh well, that is what he does, he blasts my body with radiation rays. Based on the latest test results I agreed to redirect some of the radiation for the remaining weeks. I have 4 more weeks of radiation and they are going to blast my left kidney, liver and the nodes in my lung. Radiation will end mid November. I told the doctor that if the new tests show progress I will do 4 more weeks, but they will have to find me a new slot. I refuse to get up at 5 am in the middle of winter when it is cold as shit. (I hope you all don’t mind a little cursing – these days I seem to do a lot of it, but I will try to keep it clean here)

The other big appointment at Hopkins was with the doc for the chemo. She is a wonderful lady and a competent doctor. They have started me on a new cocktail. Doesn’t cocktail sound so sophisticated? It sounds like it should be a fancy drink with a cherry or olive or something, but in reality it is just bags of poison they put in my body that has no discrimination over what kind of cells it kills – good or bad. I am going to have a new treatment regimen and I am starting some new meds. Not all the meds are on the same cycle and some are in pill format. I am too tired to go into detail. Because of the new meds and their cycles I will not have and weekends off and we are still debating thanksgiving, but I will have Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday off, but I might have to get chemo on Saturday. I have been firm with the Doctor about Christmas. My sister is coming in with her family and I am taking vacation. It will be the first time all 5 nephews will be under one roof. I refuse to be sick for it. I will not be having chemo the Friday before Christmas Eve and until after New Years. I know this is my health and some people would say this is my recover, but I would argue that this is my life and I need to live it now.

The last and final appointment of the day was about the abscess on my head. The funniest part of the day was I was reading People magazine when I was waiting for the doctor and when he walked into the room and asked me how I was doing I replied “I am devastated that Matthew Mcconaughey had a girlfriend” The doctor did not quite know what to say but the nurse laughed. No one will ever accuse me of losing my sense of humor. I went to the surgeon two weeks ago and the sore opened up again last weekend so I went back to doctor. He said it is a subcutaneous cyst and drug resistant form of staph. This is me we are talking about, what else would it be. It could not have been something simple like a pimple. Anyway, he wants to remove it, but no pumpkin head carving in the office for me, he wants it to heal and then we will schedule it for the surgery center (out-patient).


Well – I am now exhausted so I will make this short. I had chemo today. They mixed things up a little. I am tired, weak and have been vomiting since I got home. I hate this, I like last Friday so much better. I think if I am going to spend Friday nights throwing up I should have been able to go out to happy hour, flirt with some cute guy and get drunk before I vomit. I miss going out to clubs, flirting, and picking up guys (putting them down after I was down with them of course). Now I just get the after effects without the partying.

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